Every golfer has a ball they put in play when it counts. You just found your Gamer™. This ball features award-winning Dimple In Dimple Aerodynamics and provides total 3-piece performance from tee to green. The cover has been reformulated for increased durability, longer distance and superior short-game spin for increased greenside control. The highly resilient core is softer for better feel off of the clubface and the DuPont® HPF™ mantle layer increases ball speed to maximize distance.

Ball Specs

  • Ball Size 1.684
  • Ball Target Weight 45.5
  • Core Material Polybutadiene
  • Core Diameter 1.45
  • Cover Material Ionomer
  • Cover Thickness 0.048
  • Cover Material Hardness 59D
  • Number of Geometries 332
  • Surface Area Coverage 88%
  • Aerodynamic Pattern Dual Circular/Seamless